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Gaye Clear

I am a Seascape Artist, I have spent many years trying to capture the essence, spirit & power of the sea that offers me endless inspiration.

7 Ancton Close, Middleton on sea PO22 6ND
07884 051247

I have honed my skills through hard work & determination to achieve my own distinct style.

My preferred medium is Acrylic, Watercolour & mixed-media. I paint from my mind, imagination & soul, I endeavour to draw the viewer into my work as if they were there, as I paint my work comes alive during it’s evolving development , I never know what will happen until it happens, it just becomes.

I love to experiment using different mediums to achieve interesting textures you would see on the beach.

I strive to capture a sense of atmosphere by focusing on light, colour & mood.

My work is a representation of what I feel & see when walking or sitting on the shore absorbing the ever changing light & sea patterns.

Gaye Clear